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Photovoltaic Pallet Nailing Machine

  • Working mode :Manual feeding,automatic nailing
  • Operation mode:PLC Touch screen
  • Air pressure: 0.8MPA
  • Nail gun working speed:80 m/min adjustable
  • Processing range:800*1900-2300mm
  • Coil nail plate : 6 pcs, inner hole 20/70mm
  • Application :Photovoltaic Wood Pallet Nailing Machine is mainly used in the production of Photovoltaic Wood Pallets.
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Product Description

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Double-sided pallet nailing machine is a new type of customized pallet nailing machine designed and developed by our factory zzchryso group. Belongs to the horizontal photovoltaic nailing machine series.

Double-sided wood pallet nailing machine consists of two parts: horizontal nailing machine and stacking machine. Suitable for nailing extra large and extra long pallets. Nail guns are equipped on the upper and lower sides of the pallet, nail at the same time, completing the nailing operation only one time, reducing workers’ flipping operations, saving labor, and increasing production efficiency by two times. The feeding and discharging speed can reach 80m/min.

The production size of conventional pallet nailing machines is within 1300mm. The production length of this new nailing machine reaches 1900-2300mm, which is very suitable for the production of non-standard pallets.

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Features Of Photovoltaic Pallet

  • The raw materials that the horizontal nailing machine can produce include plywood, sawdust pallet feet, shaving pallet feet block , and solid wood.
  • Double-sided nailing machine can be used for the production of American and European standard pallets. The machine for producing American standard pallets is equipped with 6 nail guns, and the American Stanley brand nailing guns N58 or N70 is used according to the size of the pallet. The European standard nailing machine is equipped with 9 nail guns.
  • The nailing machine supports customization and can be customized on demand according to the pallet drawings provided by the customer to meet  production needs of non-standard pallets.

Photovoltaic Wood Pallet

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Product Parameters

ModelDouble-sided nailing machine
Operating systemTaiwan Delta
Operating modePLC touch screen
Production modeManual feeding,automatic nailing
Servo motor power1.2kw
Feeding speed80 m/min
Discharge speed80 m/min
Nail gun brandAmerican stanley
Nail gun working speed80 m/min adjustable
Nail gun quantity6 pcs
Nail gun specificationsN58,N70
Coil nail plate6 pcs, inner hole 20/70mm
Processing range800*1900-2300mm
Wood raw materialPlywood, solid wood, pallet feet block
Power380v,50hz,3phases(customized available)
Air pressure0.8mpa
Workbench height900mm
Machine size5400*2350*2050mm
Machine weight2000kgs

Product Details

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