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Wood Core Plugs Press Machine For Sale

  • Pressure : 1200T or customized
  • Main cylinder : Φ320,4 sets
  • Pilot oil cylinder : Φ100,1 set
  • Lift cylinder : Φ100,2 sets
  • Press stroke : 550mm
  • Core Plug Size : 3 inch/6 inch/ 12inch
  • Application : Molded Core Plug Making Machine mainly uses hot pressing molding process to produce Core Plug. Core Plug is mainly used in paper, plastic film, metal foil and other industries to prevent damage caused by movement during transportation.
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Product Description

A wood core plugs press machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process of wood core plugs. These core plugs are cylindrical inserts made from compressed wood fibers and are commonly used in the paper industry to support rolled-up paper during transportation and storage.

The primary application for these core plugs lies in the paper industry, where they play a crucial role in facilitating the packaging process by supporting rolled-up paper. Traditionally, core plugs were made from solid wood. However, due to the growing scarcity of wood resources, the cost of manufacturing solid wood core plugs had significantly increased.

In response to this challenge, ZZCHRYSO developed an innovative core plug machine capable of processing waste wood and wood chips to produce molded wood core plugs. This new type of compressed plug is not only cost-effective but also highly sought after in the market. Please rephrase and keep the meaning the same

core plug press machine 004

End Products of Wood Core Plugs Press Machine :

paper core plug 02

Wood core plugs are used to seal the ends of paper cores, providing support, stability, and preventing deformation. They enhance the load-bearing capacity of paper rolls and prevent the flattening of the paper cores during transportation, ensuring the proper functionality of the products. Wood core plugs offer a cost-effective alternative to using metal or plastic plugs, reducing overall product costs. They are suitable for paper tubes with inner diameters of 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 12 inches, and find wide applications in industries such as paper, film, printing, lightbox fabric, banner fabric, adhesive tapes, textiles, metal foils, and film packaging.

Standard Specifications: Industrial standard sizes include 3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 12 inches.
Load-Bearing Capacity: High-density molded wood plugs can withstand pressures three times higher than similar products in the market.

The Raw Materials

The raw materials for molded wood plugs can be waste wood, sawdust, sawdust, shavings, logs, boards, branches, wood chips and wood processing residues, etc. It can also be used for non-wood materials (such as hemp straw, cotton straw, reed, etc.). Any fiber-rich raw material can be used to produce molded cork, such as straw, bamboo, palm, wheat straw, bagasse, coconut fiber (coir), miscanthus, etc.

Product Parameters

Nominal pressure
Design pressure
Working pressure
Cylinder stroke
Lifing cylinder
Thermal oil,steam or electricity
Working area

Features Of Molded Wood Core Plugs Press Machine

  • Three beam four-column structures, after the computer optimized design, economic, and apply.
  • Hydraulic control system uses an integrated cartridge valve systems and reliability, long life.
  • Hydraulic shock is small, reduces piping and leak-point links.
  • Stand-alone electrical control system which is reliable, intuitive motion, easy for maintenance.
  • Centralized control design, two kinds of mode of operation for choose.
  • Setting process can be realized easily.
  • Working pressure, stroke according to the technical needs within the limits prescribed adjustable.

Whole Production Line

Paper Core Plug production line includes press machine, wood chipper, wood dryer, glue mixer, storage tank etc. Usual size of the paper core plug are 4”,6” and 12”. Similar to the compressed wood pallet production line, make a fine paper core plugs there are three key points must be aware:

1. Moisture of the wood sawdust working with different glues. for normal urea formaldehyde glue, the sawdust moisture must below 8%. As a result, must use a dryer to dry the material with proper temperature and safety operation.

2. Temperature: minimum 150 degree.

3. Pressing time: 20-30 minutes for one batch.

Machinery in a paper core plug production line includes:

  • wood chipping machine: processing the wood waste material into smaller particles for further processing.
  • Automatic loading machine before crushing: loading the material into the crushing machine with controlled speed.
  • Wood crushing machine, also name as hammer mill. processing the wood particles into even more smaller pieces within 2-50mm length, 2-5mm thickness.
  • Wood dryer: dry the material into request moistures.
  • Material storage silo: storage the dried material.
  • Glue mixer: Mixing the material and glue with certain ratio.
  • Hot press machine: with our press machine we can produce 156pcs of 4” in one batch, 42pcs of 6” and 12pcs of 12”.
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