Recently, the production of ZZCHRYSO’s high-frequency panel presses exported to Brazil has started, and the equipment is in good condition. Customers are very satisfied with our machines.

High-frequency edge glued panel press is advanced technology for panel making. HF generator generates electromagnetic fields between two electrodes through three-phase alternating current. In this field, glue molecules are polarized – rotated – heated by friction.

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High-frequency heating is not like conductive heating, which heats material step by step, but help object heated themselves by friction. This is called high-frequency dielectric heating-quickly, efficiently and evenly. So High-frequency edge glued panel joining press only heat glue line but not the whole panel, saving much power and time, improving the efficiency a lot. Tons of vertical pressure assure flatness of panel, even can correct the curved panel slightly.
The machine can help the customer save a lot of wood material for next sanding procession.

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It has complete functions. It can splice long plates or multiple short plates, and there is no need to ass spacers between the short plates, which can splice thick and thin plates. The output rate is high; The average output rate is 5-10% higher than that of the conventional splicing machine. The amout of sanding is low, and the minimum amount of sanding is only 0.5mm, which saves 50-100 cubic meters of raw materials annually.

Features of HF Wood Board Joining Machine

  • Digital panel jointing,only need to choose the thickness of wood and the number of glue seams,the system automatically sets panel pressure and heating time.
  • Belt conveyor feeding,fast,stable,no dislocation.
  • Special partition are covered on both upper and lower working tables,easy to remove glue.
  • Support remote assitance,realize remote maintenance and system upgrade.


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