2105, 2024

Testing The Wide Belt Sanding Machine For Slovenian Customer

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ZZCHRYSO, a leading provider of woodworking machinery, has successfully completed the production and testing of a wide belt sanding machine for our esteemed Slovenian client. The client, operating a furniture factory, sought to enhance their production efficiency by investing in a sanding machine that could handle board materials[...]

1903, 2024

Indian customers visit ZZCHRYSO Mould pallets factory

By |March 19, 2024|Categories: Case|0 Comments

In recent days, a customer from India visited the ZZCHRYSO factory. The customer runs a wooden pallet factory and came to China with the intention of purchasing a molded pallet production line. Our engineers accompanied the customer on a guided tour of the factory, providing detailed explanations of the[...]

1103, 2024

Mexican Wood Electronic Cross Cut Saw Case

By |March 11, 2024|Categories: Case|0 Comments

Months ago, a Mexican customer reached out to us through our website, expressing their interest in learning about our electronic crosscut saw. Operating a wood processing factory, their business involves cutting timber into wooden blocks widely used in industries such as pallet manufacturing and furniture production. Following[...]

1103, 2024

The Core Plug Making Machine Purchased by Mexican Customer from ZZCHRYSO Was Successfully Tested

By |March 11, 2024|Categories: Case|0 Comments

At ZZCHRYSO, we take pride in providing top-notch solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are thrilled to announce that the plug press ordered by our esteemed Mexican customer has successfully completed the pre-painting test. This machine was specifically purchased for the production of core plugs, a vital component[...]

803, 2024

Revolutionizing Efficiency: Introducing ZZCHRYSO’s CNC Pallet Block Cutting Machine

By |March 8, 2024|Categories: Case|0 Comments

At ZZCHRYSO, we continuously strive to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for the wood processing industry. We are delighted to announce the successful testing of our newly developed CNC pallet block cutting machine. This upgraded machine builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, boasting remarkable features such as[...]

803, 2024

ZZCHRYSO Delivers Pallet Block Cutting Machine to Korean Customer

By |March 8, 2024|Categories: Case|0 Comments

In a significant development for ZZCHRYSO, a Korean customer operating a wood pallet processing plant recently purchased a pallet cutting machine from the renowned manufacturer. This purchase aims to update the customer's equipment and enhance their wood pallet processing efficiency. The successful completion of production and shipment from[...]

2812, 2023

Thailand Customer Visited ZZCHRYSO Compressed Pallet Molding Machine Factory

By |December 28, 2023|Categories: Case|0 Comments

In a remarkable display of cutting-edge technology and manufacturing prowess, ZZCHRYSO Factory recently hosted a visit from a prominent Thai customer. The customer, a key player in the wooden pallet industry in Thailand, expressed a keen interest in expanding their operations to meet the surging market demand. Upon witnessing[...]

2712, 2023

ZZCHRYSO Delivers Wooden Pallet Production Line To Saudi Arabian Customer

By |December 27, 2023|Categories: Case|0 Comments

ZZCHRYSO, a renowned manufacturer of wood pallet production solutions, recently achieved another milestone by successfully completing and delivering a state-of-the-art wooden pallet nailing machine production line to a prominent customer in Saudi Arabia. Faced with the increasing demand for wooden pallets in the local market, the customer, a well-established[...]

512, 2023

ZZCHRYSO Ships High-Efficiency Plank Multi-Blade Rip Saw Production Line to German Customer

By |December 5, 2023|Categories: Case|0 Comments

ZZCHRYSO, a renowned machinery manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the successful shipment of a state-of-the-art plank multi-blade rip saw production line to a valued German customer. Following rigorous production and testing, the customer expressed utmost satisfaction with the efficiency and superior quality of the machinery. With a commitment to[...]

512, 2023

Testing The Plank Multi Rip Saw Production Line For German Customer

By |December 5, 2023|Categories: Case|0 Comments

In a significant development for ZZCHRYSO, a German customer recently completed the purchase of a plank multi-piece saw production line from the company. With a renowned local plate factory seeking to expand its production capacity, ZZCHRYSO's expertise and robust machinery proved to be the ideal solution. The successful[...]

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