CHRYSO has successfully completed the order of double-station acoustic wall panel nailing machine for customers in the UAE. The acoustic panel nailing machine is mainly used for the production of acoustic panels.

After the busy production and testing in the factory, the machine will be shipped to the UAE, and the customer expressed high satisfaction with the machine quality and delivery speed.

double station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine 102
double station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine 109

An Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is a device that can automatically nail acoustic panels to wooden frames or boards. Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials that can reduce noise and improve the acoustics of a room. They are often used in studios, theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, offices, and other places where sound quality is important.

An Acoustic Panel Nailing Machine is composed of several parts, such as a feeding system, a nailing system, a cutting system, and a control system. The feeding system is responsible for delivering the acoustic panels and the wooden frames or boards to the nailing system. The nailing system is equipped with multiple nail guns that can adjust the nailing position, depth, and angle according to the size and shape of the acoustic panels. The cutting system is used to trim the excess material from the acoustic panels after nailing. The control system is the brain of the machine that can set the parameters, monitor the operation, and display the status of the machine.

double station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine 101
double station Acoustic Panels Nailing Machine 104

Grooved acoustic wood panel is a type of sound-absorbing material that is made of wood or fiberboard with grooves on the surface and holes on the back. It can reduce noise and echo in various spaces, such as auditoriums, theaters, studios, classrooms, offices, etc. It can also improve the aesthetic and natural appeal of the wood .

Some of the features and benefits of grooved acoustic wood panels are:

  • They can achieve high sound absorption coefficients, especially in the medium and high frequency ranges, by creating resonant cavities between the grooves and the holes .
  • They can be customized in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, to suit different design and architectural requirements .
  • They are easy to install and maintain, as they can be mounted on walls or ceilings with simple fasteners or adhesives .
  • They are environmentally friendly and durable, as they are made of natural or recycled materials that are resistant to fire, moisture, and insects .


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