Short Cycle Melamine Lamination Hot Press Machine 202

Melamine Hot Press MDF Lamination Machine

  • Total Pressure : 8000KN or customized
  • Specification of hot platen(L×W) :1400×2600mm
  • Opening : 280mm
  • Cylinder diameter :Φ260mm
  • Heating medium :Thermal oil
  • Installation power : 44.45KW
  • Application :Melamine Lamination Hot Press Machine widely used in woodworking fields, building decoration and other industries.

Product Description

Melamine machine 501

The single layer veneer press line is designed for particleboard and MDF lamination on the short-cycle principle. In this process decorative papers (impregnated with melamine and urea resins) are bonded to a raw board; they are laid on hard-plated press cauls adn cushions and subjected to pressure and temperature.

The Short Cycle Press Line is used for the short-cycle veneer lamination of the man-made panels
as base material, such as particle board or MDF, with melamine decorative paper. The optimum lamination quality of various types of panels is ensured by its precise pressure regulation and sensitive temperature control system.
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Main Press Machine Model
Total Pressure
Specification of hot platen(L×W)
Cylinder number
Cylinder diameter
Cylinder stroke
System pressure
Normal using:≤20Mpa
Specific pressure
Normal using: ≤35kg/cm2
Temperature of heating plate
Heating medium
Thermal oil
Capacity of boiler
25×104 Kcal/h
Feeding side
Net weight
3PE 380V 50HZ
Theory Rate of production
60sheets/hour(caculated based on pressure holding time≤40s, the thickness of raw board is 16/18mm)
Overall dimension(whole production line)
About 45500×8000×6500mm(over floor)
Total power
About 160kw

Remark: There are many different types, for reference, we just show you one type parameter, for more details of other customized models, please contact us.

Product Features

1.The button-type operation panel is equipped with functions such as pressure gauge, time meter, and temperature control meter. It only needs one button to start, and the operation is simple. It is also equipped with an emergency stop button, which has high safety performance;

2.Adopt a new integrated hydraulic system with accumulator control system and zero configuration pressure sensor to control the working pressure; configure a large-capacity mailbox and a new direct-connected liquid filling device up and down, and configure a forced air cooling system to effectively reduce the working temperature of the hydraulic system;

3.The cylinder body is designed with stainless steel, which has good sealing performance and good safety;
4.The machine adopts an excellent hot pressing panel, which has good bearing performance and is not easy to deform; the oil pipeline is dredged, heated evenly, and has a long service life;
5.A safety isolation net is installed on the side of the machine to effectively protect the fuselage electrical appliances and prevent personnel from touching it, making it safer.
MDF Lamination Machine 301
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Product Details

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Project Show

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The series of press machines produced by our company are widely used in woodworking fields, building decoration and other industries. For example, the surface hot press with mature technology is suitable for single / double fast surface of particle board, medium density fiberboard and high density reinforced floor. Common plate sizes like 4×8 feet, 4×9 feet, 6×8 feet, 6×9 feet, 7×9 feet, 7×12 feet and other production and marketing specifications.

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