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Wood Pellet Machine For Sale

  • Capacity :2.5-4.5T/h
  • Ring mold size: 608mm/768mm
  • Main motor :180kw /220kw
  • Moisture : 12%-15%
  • Application :Wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine for processing the raw materials like sawdust, wood, peanut shell, straw, leaves and so on

Product Description

Wood pellet machine is a production-type machinery that processes wood chips, such as eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruitwood, as well as agricultural crop straws, and bamboo shavings, into biomass fuel. It effectively solves the difficulties in pelletizing bio-coarse fibers and the issue of poor effectiveness. Due to the renewable nature of the raw materials, biomass pellet fuel is also known as renewable green energy and is an ideal alternative to fossil fuels such as coal.

The wood pellet machine compresses the pulverized raw material into cylindrical fuel. The material does not need to add any additives or binders during processing.The raw material enters the screw feeder at an adjustable speed, and then it is transferred into a rotating ring die by a forced feeder. Final the wood pellet is come out from the hole of ring die, through the pressure between ring die and rollers.

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Final Products

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Raw Material

Various raw materials can be processed into biomass pellets, including wood and wood waste, agricultural residues such as straw and corn stover, energy crops like switchgrass and miscanthus, and organic industrial and urban waste. These materials are typically processed into pellets through methods such as drying, crushing, and pelletizing to create a dense and uniform fuel source for heating and electricity generation.

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  1. Energy-saving: By utilizing rotational kinetic energy and increasing the effective lever arm, the machine can achieve a production rate of 4.5-5 tons per hour while saving over 45% of energy .
  2. Stability: The main machine weighs 14 tons and is made of integral alloy forged parts. The synchronous motor, along with the enlarged synchronous wheel, provides a large torque and rotational inertia, ensuring stable operation without blockages .
  3. Strong adaptability: The machine is capable of compressing different materials and even materials with high moisture content .
  4. Low maintenance cost: The roller only requires oiling once every 500 hours of operation, resulting in low maintenance expenses .
  5. Extended warranty: The chassis, main shaft, hollow shaft, gears, and synchronous motor are all covered by a two-year warranty, providing customers with an extended period of quality assurance .

Product Parameters

Motor power(kw)180(90*2)220(110*2)
Ring mold sizemm608768
Press roller quantity(pcs)2
Transmission methodAsynchronous motor
V-belt + gear
Water-cooled synchronous motor
Timing belt + gear
Feeding typeHorizontal screw + forced feeding
Machine size(m)3.2*2.2*2.13.2*2.3*2.1

Product Display

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Whole Production Line

A complete wood pellet production line includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, and packaging units. 

  1. Crushing: Wood blocks, wood chips, or other wood materials are uniformly crushed. This can be done using a wood crusher or shredder to reduce the size of the wood into smaller pieces.
  2. Drying: The crushed wood material is then fed into a drying machine drum through a conveyor belt. The drying process quickly reduces the moisture content of the material to around 12% to 15%. This is important for ensuring the quality of the final wood pellets.
  3. Pelletizing: Once the wood material is dried, it is then fed into a pellet mill. The pellet mill compresses the material under high pressure and heat, forming it into small cylindrical pellets. The pellets are then extruded from the pellet mill.
  4. Packaging: The pellets are discharged from the pellet mill and can be directly connected to a conveyor belt that leads to an automatic packaging machine. The packaging machine packages the pellets into bags
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