ZZCHRYSO once again proved its commitment to provide customers with quality after-sales service. Recently, ZZCHRYSO sent experienced installation engineers to South Africa to help customers install and operate their newly purchased molded wood pallet production lines.

The customer purchased a complete set of molded wood pallet production line from ZZCHRYSO in February, including  Wood Crusher, Dryer Machine, Glue Mixer Machine, Press Machines, and other auxiliaries such as conveyors.. The machines were shipped to the customer’s factory in South African, and ZZCHRYSO’s installation engineers were immediately dispatched to help with the installation and commissioning process.

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The finished pressed pallets are very good, the surface of the pallets and the pallets legs are very smooth, free of burs. South African customers were very satisfied with our machine and expressed hope for more cooperation with us.

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Compressed wood pallets are made from waste wood materials, such as sawdust and wood chips, using high pressure and heated compression to create them. Not only does this process reduce waste, but it also saves on shipping costs because compressed wood pallets are lighter and more compact than traditional pallets.

Compressed wood pallet machine

The presswood pallet making machine also called wood molded pallet machine, is a new type of one time forming machine.

The hot press wood molded pallet making machine has the performance of good stability,high efficiency,energy saving and automatic control.It can use both the steam and the thermal oil for hot pressing.

It is very convenient for installation and do not need basic positioning,the hot compress wood pallet making machine is a very good equipment for wood recycling and solution to your waste wood.

Compressed wood pallet machine is our featured product, which meets the requirement of environmental protection. With the advantages of light, non-toxic and tasteless, waterproof, anti-explosion and anti-skid, high recycling value and so on, the compressed wood pallet has been widely used in the storage and transportation of many industries such as food, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, chemical, machinery, electronic appliances, auto parts, beer and others, which greatly improve the work efficiency.

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Features of presswood pallet making machine:

  • Our presswood pallet making machine has a good structure ,it use the three-way synchronous positioning,precision and balance,the pressurize will be soon when filling,the pressurize will be fine within 35 seconds.
  • It is easy to operate ,just press the work button,then the machines will complete the whole process automatically.

  • It needs about 450 seconds to molding a tray .

  • The machine can be customized.


ZZCHRSO is a prominent provider of advanced pallet production solutions. Our company offers an extensive range of machinery, including wooden pallet production line, pallet block production line, and compressed pallet production line. Dedicated to meeting customer needs, ZZCHRSO continuously strives to deliver high-quality, efficient, and sustainable solutions to the woodworking industry.

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