In recent days, a customer from India visited the ZZCHRYSO factory. The customer runs a wooden pallet factory and came to China with the intention of purchasing a molded pallet production line.

Our engineers accompanied the customer on a guided tour of the factory, providing detailed explanations of the production process for molded pallets and engaging in extensive discussions regarding the customer’s specific requirements. The customer displayed significant interest in our machinery and expressed their approval of our factory’s capabilities. They indicated that the project would commence in the near future, and the next step would involve negotiating the specific details of the purchase.

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What is the compressed wood pallet?

Molded wood pallets are produced by molded wood pallet machine and are plant fiber molded flat industrial pallet, as the full name. Molded wood pallet is made of raw materials such as wood shavings, plant straws, and so on. Molded wood pallet is one time press molding with the overall structure of the board and 9 support feet. The upper surface of molded wood pallet plate is flat and smooth, to meet the transport of various goods, the lower surface with the stiffener. It is that the longitudinal and horizontal balance of the board, nine feet can meet the four-way distribution by the fork, and molded wood pallet is ideal for logistics transport.

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The compressed wood pallet press machine is a piece of industrial equipment specialized in processing various hot-pressed wooden pallets. This hydraulic wooden pallet press machine can make sawdust and rice husks of various sizes into wood pallets with high density and hardness by heating and pressing. And by changing different molds, the wood pallet machine can produce wood pallets of different specifications, sizes, and shapes.

Compressed Wood Pallet Machine 201

How does the hydraulic pallets press machine work?

Before compressing the sawdust, we usually preheat the compressed wood pallet press machine. We can use the steam generated by the boiler as the heat source of the wooden pallet machine or use the heat-conducting oil furnace to conduct heat conduction heating into the mold of the pallet machine.

Then, we evenly pour the sawdust into the mold of the machine and flatten it. After pressing the down switch, the upper mold of the machine will be pressed down, and after about 7 minutes, a wooden pallet will be made.

After the wooden pallet is made, we need to manually remove it from the mold, or set up an automatic discharge device near the discharge port of the machine.

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